DVI−D (M) to HDMI (F) Adapter Cable ADC-DM-HF
DVI−D (M) to HDMI (F) Adapter Cable ADC-DM-HF
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Kramer’s ADC−DM/HF is a short cable, approx 1ft in length, designed to adapt an HDMI cable to a device with a DVI input, or to adapt a DVI source to an HDMI cable.

  • Quality Construction - Molded connectors, rugged jacket, and gold plated connectors are used for outstanding performance and long life.

  • Compatibility - HDMI and DVI are often adapted to one another since they share the same TMDS system for video transmission. Note that any audio present in an HDMI signal will be lost when adapted to DVI. Always verify compatibility details for the source/destination in your application.

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